‘I’m going to be gone’: Driver jobless at Glendale, California drive in

Driver and car rental companies are struggling to keep drivers employed amid the soaring cost of living, a rising number of drivers having to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, and a lack of available rental vehicles to rent out.

The driverless vehicle revolution is already here, according to Uber and Lyft, which have announced plans to launch driverless cars in cities across the U.S. and Canada by 2020.

But many other car rental agencies, car rental service providers, car leasing companies, car financing companies, and car financing agencies are struggling.

Some say the shortage of driverless vehicles could force them to shut down altogether.

“It’s going to make it difficult to keep people employed,” said Michael Paz, a transportation finance attorney in Los Angeles, California.

“It’s not just us, it’s every other business that will have to close down.

The big companies are just going to have to do it because the technology is there.”

Uber and Lyft are the two largest taxi companies in the U