‘It’s a nightmare’: Postmates driver leaves customers stranded after driving through Covid-20 drive-through

Postmates Driver James Bostick has left a customer stranded in Sydney’s south-west after taking his vehicle to the Covid post office, according to his Facebook page.

Mr Bostill has left an “unconfirmed” message on the Postmates Drive-Thru website saying the vehicle “is parked in a post box, waiting to pick up passengers”.

“The post office has cancelled your order and it’s a huge disappointment for us and for the customers that we are trying to help,” the post said.

Mr O’Connor said Postmates was aware of the incident and had been in touch with Mr Bopick to arrange for him to be given an alternate vehicle.

“We are trying our best to assist with his situation,” he said.

“There are many postboxes in the area, so if you do get stuck, we will do our best with the opportunity to get you to a safe location.”

“If you have a car in the post box we would appreciate that you do come to a secure location.”

He said the Postmaster had told them it was a “very busy time” in the South West and that the driver was expected to arrive in Sydney within two to three days.

He said Postmasters was offering free travel advice to passengers.

Mr Naughton said Postmaster Scott Lusby had said customers would be asked to return their vehicles.

“If the Postmasters driver does get stuck he will be able to contact us by phone or email,” he wrote.

“Please do not return your car to the Postmans post office.”

He urged people to get in touch by email, Facebook or text message.

The post says Postmates would also provide free postcard collection if they were unable to collect their vehicle.