Which Windows 10 desktop apps should you download and install for optimal performance?

We’re all familiar with the trend of getting new Windows 10 PCs out of the box and running Windows 10.

The new operating system has been around for over a year now, and it is a huge step up from Windows 8 and Windows 7.

It has made a lot of the same changes to the operating system that were made to Windows 7, but with a few additions and refinements.

However, the biggest changes that Microsoft has made to the OS are the driver updates and updates to the way that the OS interacts with the hardware.

There are a lot more drivers to install in Windows 10 than you may think. 

What are the drivers that you need? 

Most users will already have a driver installed for their PC, but for some it may not be available yet.

In that case, there are some apps and drivers that are currently only available through the Microsoft app store, but they are also available to download from other sources. 

You can find the driver information for any of these apps and devices on the Microsoft site. 

For Windows 10, these are the most popular apps: Microsoft’s new Metro apps (Metro: Last Light, Metro: Last Vegas, Metro 2033) Google’s Android apps and Facebook’s Facebook Messenger apps Google and Facebook have launched a new version of their Android apps. 

Microsoft says that they are releasing these updates as part of their “Metro” app update, which is a new way to upgrade existing Windows 10 devices. 

Android users who are on a recent device can download the update through the Play Store and install the updates on that device without having to go through the process of installing the drivers manually. 

Facebook has also launched a similar update for their Messenger app. 

The Android app update will be available to Windows Insiders starting on March 3. 

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The new version is meant to be a “complete” upgrade to Windows 10 and will include all the major changes that were introduced in the latest version of Windows. 

As part of the Metro update, you will see a new app icon in the taskbar.

The app icon will include a new icon with a blue cross on it that indicates that the app is currently in the “Metro Update” phase. 

“You can download and try out the new app now in the Metro Update window and let us know what you think,” the app description reads.

“We’re excited to see what you guys think.” 

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