How to save money with Concord Drive in Los Angeles

Drivers can save a total of $1,800 on the Concord Drive this weekend in Los Feliz.

The Los Angeles County Toll Road is opening a free parking garage for the first time in two decades, and drivers can park for free in the free, open-air lot between the North Hollywood and North Hollywood-South Gate areas.

The lot is set to open on Saturday and will remain open through Sunday, Oct. 25, with free parking available for all vehicles.

Parking fees will apply to all vehicles, not just those with an active driver license, a spokesman for the Los Angeles City Transportation Authority said.

The parking lot opens to the public Saturday and Sunday, starting at 11 a.m.

The garage is open to anyone with an eligible driver license.

The parking lot also is open on weekends, from 8 a.k. to 8 p.m., to assist with the increased traffic load that the closure is expected to cause, the spokesman said.

The LACTRA spokesman said the free parking lot will remain closed on weekends until the parking is re-opened on Monday.