How to prevent a milwaukee-area impact driver from wrecking your vehicle

A driver who kills or injures an oncoming driver in the middle of a highway, leaving the injured driver trapped on the side of the road, or hitting a vehicle with an onramp to the highway will be charged criminally.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Monday that Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Michael C. Kohn issued an order Monday to make such crashes mandatory for a number of drivers.

Kaimon ordered a mandatory crash program for all drivers, as well as mandatory crash prevention education for drivers.

The court order said a crash can be triggered by the driver’s failure to follow traffic laws or a failure to obey a stop sign or other traffic signal.

It also requires that drivers involved in fatal crashes be prosecuted and held accountable.

Drivers will also be required to undergo a crash prevention training course for each vehicle involved in a crash, which will include driving fundamentals, the mechanics of stopping and braking, the best strategies for stopping a collision and what happens if an on-coming driver fails to slow down, according to court documents.

The order comes as the Milwaukee police department continues to battle a surge in fatalities and serious injuries from driverless cars.

The city and its police department, in collaboration with several private security firms, are building an autonomous vehicle fleet.

The city also announced plans last year to spend $3 million to hire about 2,000 drivers who will undergo training on crash prevention.