Lyft driver login required for driving through movie, driving through theme park

Lyft driver Login Required for Driving Through Theme Park [Lyft driver]Lyft is requiring drivers to log into their accounts to watch videos and listen to music from the ride-sharing company’s theme parks.

Lyft announced Tuesday that drivers who log in to their account must provide their driver’s driver license number, as well as their driver license expiration date.

Drivers can also request a fingerprint or fingerprint image.

LyFT drivers must also provide a credit card number.

Lyffers website says the driver’s log in will allow them to make and receive payments, view tickets, and schedule rides.

Lyfinity, a ride-hailing service owned by Uber Technologies Inc., announced on its website that it is also making its drivers log in, as is Lyft.

The company also said Lyft drivers will have access to its app and other services and features.

Lyfts new website states drivers will be able to access a wide range of apps including Lyft, Lyft Plus, and its Lyft Connect app.

Lyts new website says drivers can also use Lyft Connect and other apps to schedule rides and find rides nearby, as long as they are connected to the Lyft network.

Lyves new website also says Lyft drivers can be reimbursed for certain services including meals, lodging, and transportation.

LyFs new website does not provide any information on what specific services or perks drivers will receive.

LyFys new website lists the new policy as “Effective immediately, drivers are required to log in or create an account with Lyft.

Drivers will also need to provide their drivers license number.

All driver-related data will be stored and accessible by Lyft and is subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.”

LyFMs new website doesn’t specify the date when drivers will need to log out of the Lyft app.

The company’s website lists a “30-day” trial for Lyft’s ride-hire services, which start at $1.99 per trip.