When a car-sharing service shuts down in India, drivers will have to use the internet to find out where to park

An online parking service called “Bakers Drive-Thru” has been shut down in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

The service offered car-sharers the option of booking an individual car or of a group of cars.

It also offered the option to share a parking space, which was limited to just five cars per driver.

However, the app was shut down after an operator said that he would not be able to operate the service as it is not available in his area, according to local media reports.

This means that a car can only be rented by a driver who is registered with a driver-sharing company in India.

The app was unavailable in other parts of the country, with most of the traffic problems attributed to the disruption to the supply of electricity in the state, according the Indian Express.

The driver-share service was launched in India in March and has since attracted over 10,000 users, according TOI.

The Bakers Drive Thru app allows drivers to rent cars and drivers to share spaces.

It was not clear whether drivers could also share parking spaces, which were limited to five cars, or shared spaces.

It was unclear if the driver-shared service had an effect on car-shares.

In November, the Delhi government announced that the number of registered car-pools had reached 9.7 million, with over 100,000 drivers participating in them.