When it comes to driverless cars, Postmates has a way of changing the way you drive

It’s not just that you’re never stuck behind a wheel again.

The Postmates driverless car will soon be able to make it a little easier for you to get around your house, too.

The company is working on a driverless vehicle that will travel in the same lane as your vehicle, and will follow your every move with its camera and microphone.

“Driverless vehicles are about to change the way we move around,” Postmates’ chief executive, Ben Wiebe, said in a statement.

“We want to make sure our drivers can continue to function as they have for generations.”

The Postmates vehicle will be able capture data from its cameras and be able upload it to a cloud server.

The cloud server will then upload the information to Postmates servers for other users to use. 

The company said it will be working with other companies and “a range of partners to develop this technology and build a service that can be deployed by tens of thousands of drivers.”

“Our vision for this technology is to make driving a safer, more enjoyable and more sustainable experience for everyone involved,” Wiebbe said.

Driverless cars will make it easier for Postmates drivers to be a part of the lives of drivers all over the world, Wiebbes statement read.

The company is already working with several other companies in the US and Europe to test driverless vehicles. 

Driverless taxis already exist, but they are operated by private drivers.

Postmates is hoping to take driverless taxis to the next level.

Driverless taxis will be easier to install in cities where they are not already available, and Postmates says that by 2025, it expects the service to be available in all US cities.

If Postmates can make it happen, drivers in cities like Austin, Texas, and Austin, California, will be much less likely to have to rely on the Postmates app or the company’s other driverless ride-sharing services. 

Postmates is planning to launch its driverless taxi service in the next few years.