What to know about the Milwaukee Impact Driver project

The city has signed an agreement with a major engineering firm to develop the first phase of a $40 million vehicle park for its Lake Shore Drive corridor.

Key points:The vehicle park will be in the middle of a new interchange in the areaThe plan is set to open in 2019The park will offer an environmentally friendly alternative to the existing interchangeThe vehicle design will be based on the Milwaukee’s current traffic lightsThe new interchange is expected to open later this year.

“The goal is to get the park open in time for the new interchange,” said Milwaukee Mayor John Cranley.

“We’ll get the traffic lights right, we’ll get traffic lights left, we’re looking at all the different ways of getting the vehicles to work together.”

Cranley said the project will be the “most environmentally friendly” vehicle park ever built.

“There’s going to be a lot of opportunities for drivers to use the park, to get on a bicycle, to ride their bike, to have some activities,” he said.

“It’s going the same way as a lot the existing traffic lights, which are a problem for some people.”

The Milwaukee Impact Drive corridor has been struggling to get its lanes built since the 2020 Olympics.

Roads were delayed in parts of the corridor due to the construction of the Milwaukee Beltline and the completion of the US-Mexico border wall.

However, the first major phase of the project, the Milwaukee Drive Phase 2, will open in the late 2020s.

The new phase will be built on top of existing traffic light poles.

The project will cost $40.3 million, with $25 million of that funding coming from the Federal Highway Administration.

“This is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done,” Cranley said.

The park is expected have a number of attractions including a bike path, playground, a bike storage facility, bike storage, a playground, an amphitheatre, a fitness centre, and a park kitchen.

The city also plans to construct a bike ramp that will allow motorists to access the area.

Milwaukee has been working with a design firm to complete the project.

The contract with Millington Associates will see the company develop the project’s design and deliver it to the city in 2021.

Milwauke’s design will then be reviewed by the state Department of Transportation and the design and engineering firm will then have 30 days to come up with a final design.

“That’s the process we’re going through, that’s what we’re working on,” Crancy said.

He said the company is confident the design will meet the city’s requirements.

The plan will include an integrated pedestrian/bicycle bridge, with a pedestrian plaza and an amphiteur.

The proposed design includes pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes with crosswalks at the top of each lane.

“They’re all very pedestrian friendly, very green,” Crancom said.