How to make a car with no gas in the desert

A man has found a way to make his own gasoline-powered car without using fossil fuels.

The trick, according to The Telegraph, is to just dump the oil into a canister of compressed natural gas. 

The man’s team, which he calls the “Hydrocar,” is working on a prototype, and the Telegraph reports it is still in the prototype phase.

The project has already received $1 million in funding.

The idea is to combine gas and water.

Gas is more efficient than water, which makes it a good candidate for a car, and it’s also cheaper than oil, which is more expensive than coal.

The team is also working on ways to keep the car’s engine running, as it can be used for other purposes, like running water pumps.

The Telegraph says the team is working with the Department of Energy and Climate Change to develop a model for a “low-carbon vehicle” that can be built in a few months.

It’s unclear when that vehicle will be released.