Why are we still buying flash drives?

On Wednesday, Google announced a change to its website that will let users buy flash drives for use on Google Glass.

The company said the change was made to make it easier for users to keep their Google Glass on when they’re traveling and while they’re away.

Google Glass is now able to download photos, videos and documents to the device, so the change means the device can download data while in transit and offline.

The change also gives users the option of using their device to take a picture of their phone or computer, and to upload a video file.

Google says the change also makes it easier to install and update apps and Google Glass will no longer display messages or alerts if the device is disconnected from Wi-Fi.

The news of the change is sure to make many users reconsider their choice to buy a flash drive for their Google Google Glass and give a thumbs up to the company’s commitment to make its products more accessible.

Sources: Bloomberg