Why the Tesla Model S is a great choice for roadtripping in Italy

TESLA, Calif.

— The Tesla Model X is the best all-around car in the world.

It’s got incredible acceleration, excellent handling, a massive range and it’s available with all the perks that come with being an electric car.

But it’s not for everyone.

Here are some reasons why the Tesla X is a good choice for a roadtrip in Italy.


It has no interior space.

You won’t find much room in the Model X. It will only get you from point A to point B and there’s nothing to really cram into a trunk.


It comes standard with a 12kWh battery pack that can charge in minutes and keep the car going for more than an hour.


You can buy a Tesla Model 3 with an 80 kWh battery pack.

It costs $36,000.


There are a number of optional upgrades, including a heated roof, a rear-facing radar system and a “supercharger” that can help the car get from zero to 60 mph in about 6.9 seconds.


If you’re looking for something that can go a long way in Italy, the Model S can get you there in about 15 minutes.


The Model X can be driven on unpaved roads, and the car will make it across the country.


You won’t have to buy a separate, fancy parking spot for the Model 2.


It can even be used as a “mini-van” with the Tesla Roadster, a vehicle that can tow up to 30 people.


It doesn’t have a Tesla Connected Drive system.


There’s a touchscreen display that shows you the speed of your car.


You don’t have any windows to open.


The interior is incredibly clean and the design is very comfortable.


The only “batteries” in the Tesla are the batteries in the battery pack itself.


It is designed for people who need the convenience of having their own car but aren’t going to be taking a bus or ferry to work.


It offers a lot of power to the battery and will be able to go from 0 to 60 in about 8.4 seconds.