Why you need to walk to work now, says Michael Strahan

Michael Strahans new TV series The Walkers is the first in a planned series, with Strahan telling MTV News that he’s not going to shy away from the challenge of walking around a city in a wheelchair.

“I think we can all do it,” Strahan told MTV News.

“The people who can’t do it don’t matter what their disabilities are.

They don’t care.

If they’re just a little bit off they can do it, if they’re off the charts they can go for it.

And we are so lucky that we can do that.”

The Walking Dead star is the co-creator of the hit AMC series The Walking Army of Evil.

Strahan, who also plays a doctor on the series, recently tweeted that he was taking a break from filming the show.

“As much as I would love to do more, I’ve got to focus on The Walking, which is an incredibly fun show and is my passion.

I’m taking a little time off and getting back to filming my next TV show,” he said.

“It’s a privilege to be able to take time away from The Walking with this series, which I really look forward to doing.”

The series, based on the best-selling books of the same name, follows two survivors of a zombie apocalypse who decide to set out on a journey to save humanity.

The first episode, which premieres on AMC on April 16, will also see the return of Michael Fassbender as the main villain, a character who was first introduced in the original series.

Strahanks wife, actor and producer Elizabeth Hurley, will reprise her role as the mysterious character named The Governor.

The Walking Out The Walking TV series was one of the few to find success on TV, despite not having the same star power as some of the other series, like Game of Thrones.

The series was nominated for four Emmys and won two.

In addition to The Walking out, Strahansk was also nominated for an Emmy for directing a series in 2017 for The Walk on NBC.

The show’s star, Lauren Cohan, is also reprising her role from the show’s first season, which aired in the fall of 2017.

The walker series has also had a cult following, with its fans following the adventures of a group of walking zombies on social media.

Strahnans daughter, Shiloh, also stars in the series.

The new series will air in March 2019, and Strahan is currently working on another TV series, called The Walking City.

Strahmans TV career Highlights Michael Strahnansky, The Walking King of the Walking Dead, has become the most-watched star in American History, and has starred in three TV series.

He won the Golden Globe for best actor in a drama series for The Walking East.

He also won an Emmy Award for directing the series The End of the Line on NBC, for which he also won for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

Strahlansky has also been nominated for several Emmys, including best actor for his portrayal of a character named Michael.