How to avoid getting hit by a vehicle while driving with your dog

Driver’s ed course for pet owners that teaches safety skills and tips on driving with a pet is available to Uber drivers, but Uber drivers can get a free course as well.

Uber has launched the course, which is for owners of UberX, Lyft and Sidecar vehicles.

The Uber driver program is available on the Uber app and requires a valid driver license and the driver must be at least 21 years old.

The course will be available to everyone starting today.

The first three weeks are free.

The driver is required to wear a helmet and carry a leash at all times.

The instructor is also required to give a 15-minute overview of the basics of pet safety.

The program includes a discussion about how the pet should be handled by the driver and the vehicle and how it should be trained.

The instructors will also give tips on the proper handling of the pet in a traffic situation.

“This is a really important lesson to be taught to your driver, so you can see how the car works, so that you can make sure you are operating in the right direction,” said Uber spokeswoman Susanne Bross.

The company is offering a free three-week course for UberX drivers on its website.

Uber also has its own driver program for pets, which requires drivers to have a valid insurance card and carry their own insurance.

“We’re also offering free, one-on-one instruction for drivers in this area,” said Bross, who noted the company is working with the city on the regulations.