How to Drive a Coyote in a Photo: Take the Coyote Driver’s Handbook

Coyote drivers are often referred to as “drivers of the moment,” and it seems that is precisely how they are today.

A few years ago, I was driving my friend’s coyote along a dirt road near a park, and as I approached the edge of a large rock, I noticed a large object lying on the ground.

The object was a large, sharp-edged metal pole that was being used to prop up the ground as it fell.

It was not a toy, but rather a real-life piece of hardware that was meant to be used by a coyote to control a herd of animals.

I stopped to ask the driver if he had seen this particular object and he told me he had, and I then drove over to it and took a picture.

I took a few pictures and took some notes, but this one was something else.

It captured the coyote driver’s handbook, which explained how to use the pole as a steering wheel for the car, and how to maneuver the car through narrow spaces with the help of the camera.

As I was taking a few more photos, I could tell that the driver’s reaction was one of awe.

It looked like the coyotes attention was drawn to this unusual object, as it seemed to move the vehicle with its natural instincts.

I was shocked.

What if I could control the car by looking at it?

The Coyote Drivers Handbook is a practical, action-packed guidebook for the driver of any coyote that wants to explore a new world.

This book is a guidebook of the basics, from navigating the roadways of a new city to using the steering wheel of a car.

It has been edited by several authors, including Coyote Drives.

The book was published in 2008 and is now available on

This article originally appeared in National Geographic magazine.