When is Microsoft’s Windows 10 going to be ready for the masses?

The next time you get a phone call or text from your dad, you can tell him to expect the next generation of Windows to arrive in a few months.

But that means it might be several years before Microsoft releases its next version of the OS.

Microsoft is planning to release the Windows 10 Technical Preview on September 25, according to a report from The Verge.

That’s six months before the operating system goes into general availability.

That means Microsoft has plenty of time to build the new OS and refine the operating systems that run on it.

That said, the company has a lot of work ahead of it, so the next major release could come in another year.

The Verge’s story suggests that Microsoft may have delayed the Windows 7 release to “late 2019.”

This would mean that Windows 10 would have to be updated in late 2019 to keep up with the pace of new Windows releases.

The same article notes that the Windows 8.1 upgrade is expected to be available in 2020.

That would make Windows 10 the last major update to the operating and that would make the next version the first.

But as The Verge points out, Microsoft has said the next OS will arrive in 2020 or 2021.

That makes sense because Windows 10 will have been out for more than a year when it hits store shelves.

That doesn’t mean Microsoft is giving up on Windows 10 just yet.

Microsoft has been pushing for a Windows 10 upgrade in its blog posts, and the company also says it’s “ready to move forward with a Windows 8 upgrade in the near future.”

The Verge also points out that Microsoft has made a series of announcements about Windows 10, and it may be planning to deliver Windows 10 later this year.