Driver’s license photo shows ‘no problem’ for driving in Queensland

Posted March 08, 2018 13:01:07 Queensland driver license photo can prove no problem for a person who travels around the state.

A Queensland Government spokesman confirmed the photo was taken on a state-issued passport and a driver’s licence from December last year.

“This is a Queensland passport photo taken on the state issued driver’s license issued by the Queensland Government,” he said.

It is unclear why the photograph has not been used elsewhere.

In February this year, the Government announced changes to its driver’s licences to allow drivers to travel outside of Queensland without obtaining a Queensland licence.

Under the changes, anyone can apply to travel overseas on a driver licence issued by any state.

They can also travel overseas for work or study or as a tourist.

The Government said it had received several requests from Queenslanders to apply for a new Queensland driver’s certificate.

However, it has not confirmed if a driver had applied to the Government for a Queensland driver licence.