10 Best SSDs to buy in 2018

SSDs have been on the rise for a long time, with Samsung being one of the big names to have jumped on the SSD bandwagon.

Since Samsung’s launch of its new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8 smartphones in late 2016, the company has been on a roll with its SSDs and has steadily been improving them.

Now, with the Galaxy S10, Samsung is ramping up production with its latest flagship.

As we reported earlier this year, Samsung has introduced the S Series, the first flagship to feature an SSD.

It has an industry standard 4TB capacity and is capable of storing a whopping 5TB of data.

Its 5K write speeds make it a winner for SSDs.

With this SSD, Samsung added support for NVMe storage, which allows for faster transfer speeds.

Samsung has also improved the performance of its SSD with new features like the AutoWrite Technology that allows the SSD to automatically write data to the device when it needs to.

With a 4K read speed and a 512MB write speed, Samsung’s SSD is a very high-end product for most users.

Samsung’s SSDs are a great option for many users because they are not as expensive as a traditional SSD and can also be used with a variety of different devices.

SSDs aren’t limited to the mainstream PC market, though, as the company is also shipping its latest products like the Optane and the NVMe based SSD.

We’ve got a full review of all of these SSDs on our SSDs section, but here are some SSDs that we’d like to see on the market in 2018.

The Samsung Optane 4K SSD is an industry-leading NVMe SSD that’s capable of supporting up to 5,400 random reads per second.

Its 4K write speed makes it a great choice for consumers who need high performance at a very reasonable price.

Samsung has also added NVMe support for the Galaxy Note 8, a device that features a 16GB variant with a 512GB SSD.

Its performance is comparable to the older Samsung SSDs, and it can store a maximum of 4,845,000 random writes.

The Optane 3K SSD offers the same performance as the Optanet 3K, but is compatible with newer Samsung SSD models.

It can store up to 2,400,000 writes per second and it offers up to 1TB of write capacity.

The Optane SSD has a write speed of 1.8TB/s and can store 4K random reads, 1,048KB writes, or 512KB writes.

It is interesting to note that the Samsung Optanets 3K and Optanett 3K are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

It means that the Note8 can use Samsung’s newest SSDs at a lower price point than previous models.

Samsung offers a wide range of SSDs in its latest line of devices, including its flagship Galaxy S series, the Galaxy A series, and the Galaxy B series.

These devices are capable of a wide variety of storage capacities, including the 4K NAND flash drive and the 256GB SSD in the S series.

All of these devices can support up to 3TB of random writes per minute and 2.5TB of read performance.

In the Galaxy Series, Samsung offers the Optarithm 3, which is a 4.8-inch SATA SSD.

This is a SATA SSD that supports the same SATA 3Gb/s protocol as SATA 3, but it’s not compatible with SATA Express.

This means that this device is not a true SSD, but a hybrid.

The Samsung Optariths 3K offers a 4-inch NAND Flash SSD that can support SSDs up to 4TB.

It also supports SSDs with up to 512GB of random read and write speeds.

Samsung is also now shipping the Samsung A9 series, which features a 2.8GB NVMe flash drive.

This device is also a hybrid SSD, meaning that it can support SATA 3 and SATA Express devices.

The A9s offer up to 7.5GB of read and 5.5MB of write performance.

The SSD can store 3TB random writes and up to 32TB of sequential read and 4TB random write performance, with a write performance of up to 64GB/s.

The Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s most recent flagship device and comes with the most advanced SSDs ever offered by Samsung.

The device is the successor to the Galaxy Nexus series, featuring an all-flash, 128GB SSD with a 3TB capacity.

This SSD is also compatible with Samsung’s new NVMe Flash SSD, which means that it’s a great addition to a wide array of Samsung devices.

The SSD in this device comes with a 4TB write speed and comes in capacities of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB.

Its 512GB write speed is an improvement over the previous generation of Samsung SSD’s, and can hold up to a 2TB random read speed.

Samsung’s 512GB 256GB is the most popular