How to get a driver’s license in Israel

The Jerusalem post reported on the latest driver’s licenses issued in Israel this year.

In addition to Israel, the number of licenses issued is expected to reach 20,000, up from 11,000.

The most common licenses are for drivers’ licenses and permits to operate vehicles, while some licenses are issued for the issuance of a permit to operate an aircraft.

Drivers with a foreign driver’s permit and/or foreign identification cards are exempt from paying the fee, while permits issued to foreign residents are subject to the fee.

The report also said that the country issued more than 5,000 new driver’s licences last year, and that the number is expected at least to reach 6,000 this year, up considerably from the 4,000 the country previously issued.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the government has approved more than 3,000 applications for licenses to operate a car, while more than 800 were approved for drivers licenses, and more than 4,300 for permits to drive.

It added that a total of 2,715 licenses for people over the age of 18 were issued last year.