When Your Driving Record May Not Be Your Best Friend

A few weeks ago, a California man named Ryan Gualtieri drove a minivan that he says looked like a “bicycle,” despite having a seat belt.Gualti’s vehicle was seized for failing to yield when he drove over a curb, and his license was suspended for two years.(Gualti is appealing.)He was cited by the Department of Motor […]

Realtek audio drivers drive holiday drive in new Xbox, PS4, XB1 video

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will all be upgraded to support the Realtek Audio codecs, Microsoft announced today.Realtek’s new codecs include: The codecs will allow developers to “use higher bitrates, higher quality audio, and better audio processing for their next-generation games and experiences,” Microsoft said in a blog post.RealAudio, which is used for games, […]

What is the Dell Driver Update?

article Posted April 11, 2018 08:05:18The Dell driver update is available for Windows 10 64-bit and 64-64-bit x86, 64-Bit Edition and x64 Edition.The Dell Driver update provides an upgrade to Dell’s driver suite for the upcoming Dell XPS 13 and XPS 14 laptops.This update includes the latest driver release from Dell and updates to support […]

How to order a Chipotle drive-through restaurant

The Chipotle restaurant chain has expanded its drive-thru service to include restaurants in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco.The move follows a national trend of drive-Thru expansion.In the United States, Chipotle has been expanding its drive through offerings.The chain has plans to open 100 drive-THR locations this year.The Chipetays new drive-Through drive-in restaurants […]


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